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sd_mid_dec.jpg (205187 bytes) Well, winter has really arrived now. It's white everywhere.

sd_swiss_stone_pine_dec.jpg (164662 bytes) It's early December and there still isn't much snow yet.

sd_ripe_peppers.jpg (168355 bytes) Well, that worked out okay. We had over 75 mm of rain in the last half of September, and fall is looking good.

sd_menards_objet_d_art.jpg (159590 bytes) It's been a dry summer, and Sponge Dave is looking forward to some rain to green things up.

sd_adams_needle.jpg (154000 bytes) For the second year in a row, the Adams Needle has bloomed.

sd_happy_sycamore.jpg (172254 bytes) The sufferin' sycamore is hurting no more. And for the second year in a row, it hasn't had any winter kill.

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